Sunday, August 30, 2009

Broken Up

It's terrible, what has happened.

My Russian friend and I have broken up. After 18 weeks of bliss (or so I thought), including a romantic trip to a faraway coast, the whole thing is now kaput.

I'll spare you the awful details, but basically, I failed to show her proper respect on her birthday. For this, she sent me away -- permanently.

But was it really only for that? No, of course not. She would have dumped me anyway, for whatever reason, at some point. It's because she actually got tired of me weeks ago and didn't tell me. In the meantime, we fought over silly things, things I had no idea someone would fight over, for two weeks before her birthday. Then finally, on her birthday, I demanded to know why we were fighting. That, in itself, caused a fight (which in turn led to her sending me a "get lost and don't come back" note).

I'm glad it's over. It was a learning experience of substantial proportions. Maybe I'll enumerate the things-learned in another post. But if you'll excuse me, first I have some moping to do.

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