Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can teasing violate the Geneva Conventions?

I think we all know the answer to that. Teasing can be cruel. Sometimes it can be incredibly cruel. Especially if one person is trying to be sincere and express heartfelt emotions, and the other person is alternately stroking and dissing her erstwhile-affectionate would-be partner.

My lady friend is a huge, huge teaser. And by that I mean her teases not only scale up, but scale out. The magnitude of any given tease-instance can be huge. She might say something as huge as "I'm going to leave you, don't call me any more", totally in jest, but totally convincingly. But her teases scale out in a peculiar way, too, in that they cover multiple domains and can "flip sense" logically, in intermittent fashion, as she tries to keep me off-balance.

There's also an interface called Sarcasm that, if implemented by a subclass of Tease, can apply an Aspect of extra pain in all this.

After a while, the sarcasm and teasing wears me out, frankly. And it's depressing, because I know that at this point in our relationship, I'm more emotionally committed than my lady-friend is, and I want her to progress a little faster toward the finish line. I want her to catch up with me on the "seriousness" front. Instead, there's still an awful lot of game-playing. Much of it is playful and fun. I enjoy it a lot of the time. But some of it is clearly hard-wired into her personality. She's a tough, feisty little nutbuster.

But what's a guy to do? You tell me. Should I insist that she tone it down (and look like a wimp who can't take a little teasing)? Or should I continue my facade of good-natured bravado a while longer, until she either becomes more serious about me -- or starts to bore me to the point where I leave?

Teach me. Somebody. Please.

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