Sunday, June 28, 2009

A sneaky way to grab her interest

I accidentally discovered a sneaky way to grab a girl's interest. If you're trying to pique a woman's curiosity about you, this will do it.

Of course, you have to use discretion in how you play this card. Don't be an ass. Don't be a braggart, a loudmouth, a conversation-hog, or obnoxious in any way. To the contrary, be shy, demure, reticent, almost unwilling to talk. This is very sensitive stuff. She'll understand that.

So here's what I discovered. I was chatting on the phone with my new love-interest recently. We aren't exactly in a relationship (yet), although that's where we're headed. I very much want to accelerate that process, but she is still pretending it's never going to happen. It's a tug of war. Anyway, she knows that I was recently in a longterm relationship that broke off. I never bring that relationship up in conversation, by the way. She asks about it. That's the only reason it ever comes up.

But when she recently asked me how I was dealing with the emotional trauma of breaking up after that many years with someone, I said something like "Oh I'm fine. It's fine." Then I waited a precious few seconds, and gave up a sad-looking little laugh. I said: "It's ironic, though."

Naturally, she said: "What's ironic?"

I pretended to be very embarrassed for a moment, then nervously admitted "Just before we broke up, we had the best sex we ever had."

I apologized for being so explicit and told her I didn't mean to expose her to details about my past relationship(s). She feigned understanding.

And then a funny thing happened. Female curiosity kicked in. After a few seconds, she couldn't stand it any more. She just had to ask. "So," she said, "what was so good about it?"

I feigned surprise. "What? Oh, you mean the sex?" (At this point I pretended to get flustered. You have to play the "shy" act a little bit here. Don't come off cocky, that's not what you want. Not at all. Be careful. You're on thin ice now!) I collected my composure and finally said: "Well... it's kind of a long story. Are you sure you want to hear it?"

Of course, that only heightened her curiosity. It was like fanning a bed of hot coals with a leafblower that leaks gasoline.

"Well," I said, "we told each other our fantasies. And it turned out we each had the same sexual fantasy. And we got very excited at the idea of making it real. We talked all about every detail of it. It was intense."

Again, fanning the flames.

I went on to describe a "fantasy" involving my ex- plus me plus another guy. But I made sure to point out that the only reason I would consider such a thing was that I was seriously in love with my partner and wanted to please her. (Of course, I painted my partner as a bit of an insatiable sex maniac.) I said that my girl was oversexed, and when she got turned on, she really did need extra stimulation. And I said that at that point in our relationship, my ex- and I had total trust in each other, and I was so in love, I would have done anything to please her. (This makes me sound like a real hero, naturally. What woman wouldn't want a guy that's that good to her?)

"But," she interrupted me, "wouldn't you be jealous if you saw another guy doing your girlfriend right in front of you?"

At this point I made up some bullshit answer like: "Well, at this point in my life I just do not find something like this threatening to my ego. And I'm very non-possessive. I figure, if she really wants me, and if we trust each other, then she'll still want me even if another guy has briefly been in the picture." (All total bullshit. All totally designed to make me sound like an unbelievably self-confident, unselfish, loyal, considerate, yet sexually accommodating, male. A total turn-on for a woman.)

My woman-friend listened in rapt astonishment as I explained the whole male-male-female 3-way fantasy scenario in great detail. After 15 minutes, she was nearly speechless with amazement -- and desire. The very next weekend, she booked us for 3 days at a fancy beach resort where we borked our brains out -- and she paid for the whole thing. (I bought her dinner on the second night.) I swear to you I am not making this up.

So there it is, a technique that I discovered by accident in the course of a casual conversation with a new lady-friend that, until that point, I had been pursuing very hard without much success. Telling her a few sexual fantasies in the utterly safe, non-threatening context of a former relationship that I was very much done with, turned out to be magical. It swiveled her head. She looked at me anew. It surprised both of us.

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