Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Love-Blog for Programmers? Written by a Guy?? WTF?

Yeah, I'm a guy, I'm a programmer, I write about romance and heartbreak -- get over it. Guys have feelings too. But make no mistake, this is not just a blog about guys, or for guys, or about girls, or for girls, or about relationships -- it's all of the above, plus a lot of personal soul-searching; it's therapy for yours truly, at times. And yeah, some of you out there are going to think it's just plain gay. But you know what? Gay people have hearts too. So if you're one of those insensitive mouth-breathers who think gay people are somehow different from the rest of the human race when it comes to matters of the heart, you can stop right here and go do you-know-what to yourself.

Know well, this blog is from the heart: It is based on heartfelt emotions and true-life experiences. It's a no-bullsh*t zone. And I count on your input (your comments) to help keep things real. If you have insights of your own to add, hard-won lessons to share, or you just want to pour your heart out for whatever reason at all, feel free to contribute. I look forward to your input. The world needs more people who know how to pour their hearts out.

One more thing. If by any chance you find anything of value here, anything you enjoyed reading or that helped you in some way, please tell a friend. This is the only programmer's blog with a geeky guy stupid enough to dump his heart out in public every day. Pass it on.


  1. I guess this is my message of generic encouragement and fellow feeling.

  2. Don't let the haters get you don't. Preach on, brother!

    -Anonymous Programmer

  3. Rock out with your cock out buddy!

  4. If only women and relationships were half as easy to understand as assembly; the world would be a safer place.

    But alas such matters seem more obfuscated and filled with legacy baggage than a Microsoft file format.

    I look forward to your coming insights.

    - Another Anonymous and Lovelorn Programmer

  5. yo le gritaria al viento...